When booking your accommodation, the following terms and conditions apply to the rental agreement season made between the renter and the agency TERRENOS VILLAS Y APARTAMENTOS S.A.


1.- Payment conditions and contract.

You can book an accommodation with us by telephone or Fax or internet. After,  you will receive the rental agreement by e-Mail or by post, to your preference.  Within 7 days after receiving the rental agreement you will have to pay a 40% advanced payment of the total renting costs. The payment will be by bank transfer. Also, you will have to have agreed to the general terms and conditions which confirm that you have read and understood them.

Ideal Costa Brava reserves the right to cancel reservations without prior notice after 7 days, if no confirmation is received from the payment of the advanced payment of 40%.

The remaining 60% of the total amount, should be paid on arrival in cash.  If you prefer a payment by bank transfer, you must pay it no later than 30 days prior to your arrival date . 

For every contract made ​​Ideal Costa Brava applies a fixed processing fee of 15.-Euros.


2.- Prices and services.

The price which appears when making a reservation is the weekly price for the available accommodation and period desired by you. The minimum stay is 7 nights with arrivals and departures on Friday, Saturday or Monday (depending on availability) in high season. For arrival/departure on another day other than Saturday during the off-season or if you are interested in a stay of less than 7 days, please contact us for information about availability and price at

The introduction of the “Tourist tax”, will generate an amount of € 7,00 per person per stay for over 16 years, children aged under are free. This form will be accredited by, will e-mail before your arrival and should return us completed.

The deposit and tourist tax has to be paid in cash on arrival, as described below:

a)       Houses with private swimming pool: 2 bedrooms – 210€, 3 bedrooms – 250€, 4 or more bedrooms – 300€

b)       Houses without swimming pool: 2 bedrooms – € 150, 3 or more bedrooms – € 200

c)       Apartments:  1 or 2 bedrooms – € 150, 3 or more bedrooms – € 200

The deposit will be refunded after an inspection of the house, done by employees Ideal Costa Brava, on an agreed date at the end of your stay.

In the price of houses with private pool is included during the summer period: maintenance of the pool, cleaning, bed linen and towels, water, gas and electricity (controlling the misuse that can be made of these services) . Out of season if heating is needed, an extra fee will have to be paid.

In the price of houses without pool and apartments is not included neither cleaning nor bed linen.

The price for cleaning will be:  Houses or apartments: 1 or 2 bedrooms – € 40 , 3 bedrooms – € 60 , 4 or more bedrooms € 70

The houses without pool are not equipped with sheets and towels, you can either bring your own or rent them through us. In the latter case you can reserve them by contacting us before. The price of a set of bed sheets is € 7 per person and a set of towels (1 large, 1 small) € 4 per person

Pets are accepted if the (owner of the) accommodation allows. The price is 3 €  per day and pet.

Ideal Costa Brava offers the possibility to rent baby cots, (on prior request and availability), for the price of € 3 per day and cot, or child seats for the price of € 2,20 per day and chair


3.- Arrival and departure

The arrival time is between 16.00 and 19.00 o’clock. If you cannot make it within this time, please get in contact with Ideal Costa Brava to discuss further possibilities to collect the keys on a different day and/or time. Under no circumstances will late arrivals be accepted without prior notice. Ideal Costa Brava cannot guarantee the collecting of the keys on the day of arrival, when the above hours are not met or if there has been no contact about the possibility collecting them at a different time. Any additional expenses that may arise for the client (hotel stays, transportation etc.) are for the client and without exception are not recoverable through Ideal Costa Brava.

If because of problems during your travel or other personal reasons, the arrival time/day cannot be met and therefore your holiday stay unexpectedly shortened, Ideal Costa Brava will not compensate for the lost time. If you wish to extend your stay, please contact the office of Ideal Costa Brava to discuss possibility, availability and price.

The departure takes place no later than 11.00 a.m. at an agreed time with Ideal Costa Brava. This agreement is important so that a member of Ideal Costa Brava will be at the accommodation at the time you want to leave, to inspect the house and return the deposit to you. In the high-season departure may take place between 08.00 and 10.00 o’clock, in the mid and low-season between 09 and 11.00 o’clock.


4.- Cancellation of the contract by the custome

There is a cancellation insurance that can be contracted when making the reservation; it is 3% of the rent. If you have this insurance and have to cancel the reservation for causes specified in the insurance, the amount paid less the insurance charges and the administrative charges will be returned to you.

 A cancellation is effective from the time that Ideal Costa Brava has received this in writing.


5.- Alternatives or cancellation of the contract by Ideal Costa Brava

In the case of force majeure or a unforeseen loss of the booked accommodation, Ideal Costa Brava offers a choice between replacing the accommodation with a similar accommodation (if possible) or the contract will be cancelled by returning the amount what had been paid by the renter until that moment.


6.- Customers obligations

The occupation of the accommodation is limited to the number of persons as stated in the contract, with children and babies counting as full persons. Ideal Costa Brava may refuse access to the accommodation in case this number is exceeded.

By arrival at the office of Ideal Costa Brava will be paid the remaining balance (if he had not sent before) as well as the deposit and the Tourist Tax, all in cash.

The deposit will be returned at your departure in the manner and times mentioned in section 3 of these conditions. If you want to leave outside these hours, you need to inform Ideal Costa Brava about your IBAN and BIC number or account number and to leave the keys in the mailbox of Ideal Costa Brava. After verification of the accommodation, the amount of the paid deposit will be returned to you by bank transfer.

If the renter causes damage to the property, these costs will be deducted from the deposit. If the costs of the damages will exceed the paid deposit, the difference has also to be paid by the renter.

The renter is obliged to leave the accommodation in good and presentable condition. This includes (orientalise, not limited to) that the dishes should be done and placed back in place, the refrigerator should no longer contain food and the bins should be emptied. If a renter does not return the accommodation in the way described above, Ideal Costa Brava retains the right to deduct additional cleaning costs from the deposit.

The renter has to respect the neighbours and rules of the community at all times. In case of negligence or inappropriate behaviour, Ideal Costa Brava reserves the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect and without prior notice. In this case Ideal Costa Brava has no obligation to return (part of) the paid rental amount.


7.- Objections

The pictures of the accommodations correspond with the reality, although in some cases the decorations may vary slightly. The (languages of the) available satellite channels depend on the choice of the owner.

Although Ideal Costa Brava verifies each accommodation after every change of renters, it is possible that there is something wrong in the accommodation. In this case, please contact Ideal Costa Brava immediately and no later than 48 hours after your arrival at the accommodation. The agency will perform the necessary work to be done as quickly as possible. The agency is not responsible for objections when we have not received a complaint about this within the specified time.


8.- Responsibilities of Ideal Costa Brava.

If the rented accommodation appears to have such a serious defect that normal use of the accommodation is not possible, Ideal Costa Brava will be obliged to find an alternative with similar features and price. If this is not possible due to a lack of available accommodation, a part of the paid rent will be refunded to you (depending on the time you have spent in the accommodation) without charging Ideal Costa Brava any further responsibility.

 Ideal Costa Brava will not be responsible for the following cases:

  1. Negligence or failure of services by third parties.
  2. Malfunction or incorrect operation of community pools, playgrounds and sports facilities of any kind of which responsibility is for the user.
  3. Theft in the accommodation.
  4. Damage to persons or accommodation caused by an act of God, unforeseen circumstances or natural causes such as weather, where Ideal Costa Brava cannot react.


9.- Validity and being entitled

When booking an accommodation the above conditions apply.

Both these general conditions as the rental contract between you and Ideal Costa Brava are applied and controlled to the Spanish law according to the court in La Bisbal (Girona) Spain.